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Herbert Wallner - The Real Cubist Herbert Wallner was born in Graz / Austria in 1963. Influenced by Graz and its rich architectural fabric, but also a virulent art scene, he developed artistically. From an early age, contact with painting was important. He painted his first oil painting at the age of 16 and held his first vernissage in the same year. His training as a painter, gilder and restorer was relevant and during this time he also dealt intensively with painting and exhibited his works in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. The positive response from the art world encouraged him to develop his own painting style. Back then, abstract surface design and harmonious cubism were the defining characteristics of his style. In spring 2005 the artist decided to do something extraordinary: he wanted to paint the longest picture in the world and thus come into the Guinness Book of Records. It took 9 months, then he did it: a work of 200m length - painted in the typical style of Herbert Wallner - was finished.

 After the picture was shown in Graz, Berlin and Munich, he donated it to the Children's Cancer Aid in Graz. He developed the harmonious cubism typical of him in his very individual way, so that art critics in Berlin awarded him his own style - real cubism.

Today Wallner is one of the most famous contemporary painters in the world. He creates realistic representations, which he breaks down and alienates with modern elements. Last but not least, his large-format works captivate with their diverse range of colors. Herbert Wallner is unique. The painter is highly regarded nationally and internationally. His pictures hang in the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Dubai, England, Scotland and in China. His works reach prices of up to 50,000 euros and the demand is high. Four of his paintings have just been sold to a private collection in New York. These works are exhibited in the new World Trade Center. Herbert Wallner is currently preparing a large exhibition for China. Now the painter with the longest picture in the world wants to go back to the Guinness Book of Records.




Art-critical comment Herbert Wallner is an artist who has a very brisk brush stroke and depicts the motifs in their essential structures. The resulting motivic processing correctly reproduces realistic abstract representations. What is special in its motivic processing is then a modernly designed color decomposition or shape decomposition that has a cubist appeal. The artist's work won in this way has an inimitable style that defines the artist personality Herbert Wallner. His enormous repertoire of motifs shows a versatility that is extremely rare. Herbert Wallner cannot be reduced to architectural representations. He is familiar with both animal representations and nude representations. His striking motivic further processing of real motifs is followed and pulled through in all representations. The artist creates an exciting world from his artistic perspective.








vips freinds




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                                                                                                       not nor mal © is the design line by real cubist Herbert Wallner. This brand was created by him for all those who "do not live in the norm", can feel in "not nor mal". Under this registered trademark, Wallner has jewelry, T-shirts, sneakers and cell phone cases made from high-quality materials.

He sells the products personally and can only be ordered from him via email to .

Atelier Herbert Wallner


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